Monday, March 21, 2011

Seven Things

A few things I've been up to lately:

1) Teaching, teaching, teaching (and beer drinking afterwards...or in between...hey, it was St. Paddy's, and as a redhead and part Newfie I consider myself to have some Irish blood!)

My student Larisa brought me back some home-brewed
beer from the Chuvashia Republic in Russia for a St. Paddy's gift.
(her husband is a chef who just got a job in Canada, so she's
studying English before the big move!)

2) Engaging in cheesy photo shoots at work with Natasha, Colleen, and Stu:

3) Scoping out my future house:

Conveniently located just steps away from the bookstore,
Biblio Globus...
and the Lubyanka, the former KGB
headquarters and torture chamber...location, location!

4) Celebrating Iain's birthday and eating delicious pizza

Despite the fact that our waiter seemed to have just
graduated from the Russian School of Customer Service
(with honours), the food was great and the company
was incredible - and that's what counts, right?

5) Reading Jane Eyre, which is so compelling and spooky - I just can't put it down!

6) Discovering how superior roasted vegetables are to any other type of veggies, even if you're stuck with an oven that has no temperature gauge.

7) Waiting for Spring...this could take awhile...


  1. So this is what you've been doing... it all makes sense now! Hope it doesn't get out that you're drinking on the job! Keep up the reading and the house hunting - I think downtown Toronto is still best though! Miss you!

  2. I wish I could get a job teaching here. I had my own school in Slovakia and have 5 yrs experience but no CELTA which is what they seem to want here. FNW?

    Hope you enjoy Moscow.

  3. I agree. Roasted vegetables ARE superior to any other vegetable. If not any other food type. Ever.