Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lessons from Russian Women

1) When going out, even if its just to the local perekrestok grocery store, high heels and makeup are a must.

2) Never sit on concrete and/or cold surfaces, because they will make you infertile.

3) A scarf is a woman's best friend and can be used in many ways, from a chic wrap to a knotted kerchief over the hair.

4) Your husband = the breadwinner. You = the bread baker.

5) Scrunchees are not only an acceptable hair accessory, but quite fashionable (ok, ok, enough with the scrunchee hate...I promise this is the last time I mention them!)

6) Salads are only salads with copious amounts of mayonnaise and undeterminate meat product in them.

7) Don't accept a fur coat unless its from your husband. Boyfriends and potential suitors are not permitted to give you such an extravagant gift, although Cartier watches and Elton John concert tickets are fine.

8) If you're smart and thrifty, you'll wait until you're in Europe to buy your designer clothes. Everyone knows that the prices are jacked up in Moscow.

9) The most stylish places to travel are the UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Spain.

10) You can't always get what you want. But pushing often helps.

11) You WILL become a babushka one day. It is inevitable. So enjoy the heels and mini-skirts now!


  1. Sorry for breaking in, I like your blog and your optimism immensely, and now I feel I just must interfere and share some facts.
    Those who taught you Lesson 9 studied ancient books. Buying designer clothes in Turkey?! Good gracious! :)
    Winter. Stylish place No.1 - the Alps. Mountain skiing and snowboard are a really important part of modern Russian girl's life, so during her New Year holidays she MUST be somewhere in FRANCE-ITALY-Switzerland-Germany-Austria. And there comes Shopping.
    Spring. May holidays are short, so within a big crowd of happy students you'd most probably head for St.Petersburg, which is quite close and much cheaper than Paris, plus half of the streets and the river look absolutely the same, so no France needed.
    Summer. Losers and freshmen go to Egypt. Losers that deny being losers and sophomores go to Turkey. Old ladies after 45 go to Israel to enjoy SPA.
    Those students who had already experienced American "Work and Travel" repeat the journey, or immediately after coming back start speaking any European language, and go to language schools in Spain\Italy\France\Germany (Shopping). Though Great Britain has always been and will always be the dream and the diamond. Studying in London is elite.
    Just to sunbathe people often go far away - the champions in this category are islands: Maldives, Mallorca, Seychelles, Mauritius - you are welcome.
    Of course, a lot depends on future living conditions - the place in the country, number of your hotel stars, etc.
    Smtms those who choose a posh hotel in Turkey do that not because they're half-losers, but because top Turkish hotels provide great service for children, so it's good to go there with family. But if you're say 5% interested in what's going on outside your hotel - change your destination (which is NOT stylish even if you are the king of the universe).
    Okay, let me add something nice.
    Deep inside Russian girls value comfort, and understand comfort as the bliss. But before finding the only one beloved loving man (who can accept our wish not to look like Barbies every second) we are doing our best at believing that high heels do not cause pain\discomfort.

  2. haha I love your corrections, thank you Julia! As a real Russian woman you know much more than I do! Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Thank you and you're welcome any time:)

    P.S. existence of mayonnaise is also discussable :)

  4. Nice read and something to keep in mind about Russian girls. This information is interesting as it can broaden my horizon about other culture and tradition.