Monday, May 2, 2011

They're here...and sleeping!

Ok, so they're probably going to kill me when they see this picture I've posted (especially since we got some really good ones yesterday - but all on their cameras so...) but my parents have arrived in Mother Russia!

Iain and I met them at Domodedovo and it was the BEST moment ever - seeing my dad first and then running into my mum's arms. Man, I've missed them so much! We jumped right into action yesterday and headed for Red Square.

Ok, my parents just woke up, protested at the picture above, and gave me their memory card so I can add some better pics of our day yesterday:

After lugging the suitcase and backpacks around Red Square, we hopped back on the metro and arrived in Mytishi around 9pm. It was a VERY long 24 hours for my parents, and they were exhausted, so we headed to Eksprompto, the pizza place around the corner, for a quick dinner. Then back to my flat and to bed...and twelve hours later we're here in my kitchen eating breakfast!

I'm SO excited for the next week, but most of all it just feels WONDERFUL to hug my parents!


  1. That first picture is so cute, Rick looks just adorable!

  2. Its Mike,
    Hey guys I hope your having fun and seeing a lot of awesome things, i know it sounds like it so far! I had a great time in Boston. It was kind od the same thing - always walking, not a lot of sleep. My golfing went great when you were gone too, firing a 76 on Saturday and a 79 in rain Sunday! I got back to Lamebridge this morning at 7:30. I got hardly any sleep but i sucked it up and got back on the course for 9 this afternoon. I miss you guys a lot already and i can't wait to see you Tuesday! i also cant wait to drive Tuesday to school. Keep on having fun and ill see you then. Enjoy your time with katie! Love you all, miss you lots!

  3. Hello Katie, Rick & Julie, Wonderful to see you having so much fun in such a fabulous part of the world, love the pics and backgrounds, have a shot or two for us! Rick, can you arrange a hockey tourny their for the Raiders next winter? Safe travels....Tony J

  4. Oh, we had more than a shot or two, don't worry...haha I don't think my parents are ever going to have vodka again...

    Mike that's awesome about your golf and your trip to Boston! I can't wait to see pics and hear all about it...miss you!!! Hope you like the present Mum and Dad got you!

  5. OK, so the vodka story is going to get out there .... I'll just say that we subscribe heavily to the belief that "when in Rome ..." Or in this case, "when in Russia..." - you know the rest. Lots of stories to tell.