Sunday, September 19, 2010

Technical Difficulties

So I fully intended to keep updating my blog throughout this past week, but it appeared that the Fates (slash annoying roommates) had something else in plan...

Apparently when you live with a couple who are obsessed with Arnold Schwarzeneggar films, internet getting cut off indefinitely because they've gone over the bandwidth from downloading the Governator's cinematic masterpieces is a very real possibility. So I've had no internet since Wednesday, and since C&S refuse to pay the debt unless I pay a third of it (which is ridiculous, I didn't do any downloading!) I'm not sure when I'll have internet in my flat. On top of that, I was really sick yesterday and just generally am feeling bummed out and depressed right now. It's almost my dad's 50th birthday and I'm really missing my family. Hopefully everything gets sorted out soon - in the meantime, please just keep sending happy thoughts my way; I love and miss you all!!


  1. We send happy thoughts your way everyday. And our prayers, love, hugs, and kisses. Keep smiling:) Mum

  2. At least they're not obsessed with Samuel L. Jackson. He makes like 15 movies each year. They would still be downloading.

  3. Oh, so true about Samuel L. Jackson :) good point!!