Thursday, September 23, 2010

Victoria, meet Reese... A Saga

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, that is.

On the first Friday of our intern training program, Kendra, from Atlanta, Georgia, brought all of us girls some miniature Reese's peanut butter cups as a treat after lunch. We may have only been back in the USSR for a few days, but we were already missing that peculiar North American combination of peanut butter and chocolate. (I looooove peanut butter and so far I have been very careful to ration the little that I have - peanut butter can be found here, but it is very, very expensive and therefore not something I'm going to be eating this year once my limited supply runs out!)

Imagine our surprise, then, when Victoria (from Nottingham, England) expressed confusion over our delight: "What are Reese's peanut butter cups?" she asked innoculously in her delightful, oh-so-posh sounding accent.

And so began her introduction to a classic American candy:

Posing with the wrapper, not really sure what the fuss was about

The first bite: I think her eyes say it all here...

"Mmm, this is bloody good"

And now we have another addict to peanut butter/chocolate here at the Central School in Moscow :)

(Victoria, for her part, has brought us British "sweets" to try, but I think in terms of candy the Americans have a monopoly. That reminds me of a chocolate bar I saw while standing in the checkout at the grocery store on the weekend: it was a Nestle brand, but all in Russian, and the title of the chocolate bar was "For Men." I'm not really sure why it was only for men, or what would have happened if I had tried to buy it, but I was definitely intrigued. What was so special about this chocolate bar that only men could eat it?!)


  1. The first thing I ate when I landed in Toronto after 12 months in Moscow? Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (washed down with Tim Horton's coffee...)!

  2. Not just any man can eat those chocolate bars, only men with great manliness can eat it. If by some chance a woman would touch the manly bar, its manliness would be gone and it would have to be re-manlified.

    Thus, it is very fortunate that you did not buy that chocolate bar. Should you have attempted to buy that chocolate bar... Chuck Norris would have sprung up behind you and round house kicked the bar away. It would have landed innocently enough in the Red Square, where upon after berating you for your heretical tendencies, Chuck Norris would have gone to pick it up. But he would have been stopped by Vin Diesel's cinder block - that he happens to call Lucy!

    A titanic battle would erupt, Optimus Prime would come down to hide the chocolate bar from man kind, only to be stopped by sharks with laser beams! In this furious melee of cinder blocks, laser beams, round house kicks and transforming robots the chocolate bar would lay, untouched by the destruction, soaking up the manliness. And then, once the skies went dark and the Red Square resonated with manliness, would Arnold Schwarzenegger come and bless the chocolate bar. Once annointed, he would thus say "I'll be back." For there are always those curious young boys and foolish, beautiful maidens, eager to tempt fate...

  3. ahhhh Tim Horton's!! I used to work there as a teen so I can't say I miss it THAT much, but I definitely do miss Reese's!!

    Nick - you need some kind of creative outlet haha...