Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(Frost) Bite Me

I'm not in, shall we say, the best of moods right now.

It probably has something to do (yes, even in my weakened state right now I am capable of sarcasm) with the fact that I just spent over an hour in -30 degree temperatures waiting for a bus that never came.

Stupidly, I had decided to drink a big mug of tea right before braving the cold, so I spent those lovely 70-odd minutes outside desperately trying not to pee. Which meant that I couldn't do my usual aquafit-gleaned moves to keep warm (when it comes to public humiliation or not turning into an icicle, I choose humiliation...hands down!) because if I had so much as attempted a jumping jack or hamstring curl, get the idea! So I stood there and slowly became part of the general, snow-encased landscape.

Why, out of all the countries in the world, did I choose RUSSIA to fall in love with??? Why couldn't I have become obsessed with, say, Jamaica? I think maybe Russia and I were better off in a long-distance relationship, when I could love her from afar (ie, somewhere warmer). Now, being so up close and personal with her, I'm having second thoughts about our compatibility.

Thank goodness its February. The end has to be near...right? Right?

Until then, I'm living in my housecoat and drinking hot, hot tea - but only small cups (shot glasses? We've got enough of those here). I've learned my lesson!

Attempting to warm up!


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  2. Great looking house coat! And really do feel sorry for you :/ *hugs* But gotta ask, how did you get home if the bus never came? Good call on the tea, bad luck with the bus, or just consistency on their part. And what kind of tea did you have?

    Gonna get Rick rolled so hard for the following but w.e, probably just jealous. Did you know I have a Ferrari themed tea set? Someone got it for me as a joke a few years ago, its like these tiny tea cups with little plates. Will send you a picture later.

  3. Poor soul!
    But it was only -21C. Forecasts promise us -28C next week. You'd better have a proper foot- (and other) wear. The best choice i tink it some snowboarding gear. Since you are, like me, reside on the north of Moscow, it easy for you to visit this store:
    They offer decent stuff for relatively modest price.

  4. Love the title of this post. Hang in there Katie. Next time you are stuck in the cold, think about times when it was soooo hot. Packed in the subway in NYC during a heatwave in July! I don't know what to do about the bathroom part. As you know, I could use some help with that myself. Sorry, TMI.

  5. hahaha oh Mum, you are such a great sport, I know we tease you about the frequent Cracker Barrel bathroom stops we have to make during road trips! :)

    mmmm I would LOVE to be stuck on that subway in NYC right now...I swear I am never going to complain about being too hot again!!!!