Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday's Winter Wonderland

(and the alliterative titles are back! :)

Today I had a serious case of the February blahs. I'm sick of winter!! However, I knew just the cure:

Watching Glee on my new computer (best line of the episode:
"Getting tackled hurts. And not in a Mellencamp way") and
enjoying some Nutella

Not a lot of news-worthy things have been going on so far this week, so I'll keep this low on words and just post some of the pictures I took while out and about today, enjoying all the snow we're currently getting dumped with/trying not to get soaked in wet slushy dirt by some jerk in a Lada (I saw this happen to a poor guy on the corner of the main street in Mytishi...consequently, I learned some new - very bad - Russian vocabulary today!)

The view from my balcony

Such a pretty colour! You can't see any icicles dangling from the roof because the workers had just finished knocking them all down. They do this every day, closing off section of the street to pedestrians. Falling icicles are a serious problem here; a few weeks ago, a 21 year old from St. Petersburg just woke up from a 9 month coma after being hit in the head by a falling icicle. His condition is still critical!!

The giant thermometer I walk past on the way to the bus station. It's hovering just around zero - nice!

The bustling nexus of Mytishi's transportation:
view from my bus window. The red building in the
background is Krasniy Kit - the Red Whale -
shopping mall.

Not the cleanest window + in motion = blurry, bad photo. But trust me, the forest was beautiful!

Gorgeous Orthodox church on the way to Belyaninovo, taken from the bus window again. You can't really tell, but the church is the loveliest shade of pale turquoise.

Home Sweet Highway: where I spend WAY too much of my time,
waiting for the bus to take me back to civilization on Monday
and Wednesday nights (this photo was taken prior to
frostbite settling in, when I could still make use of my fingers to operate
the point-and-shoot)

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  1. I'll have our little ski trip first, and then I'll be sick of winter too. It is encouraging though - so light out in the morning now. Just hang in there.