Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New year, new country, new blog

I mentioned on a previous post that this year, I'm saying da svidanya to Russia and hello to England. If you're interested in following my UK adventures, I've got a new blog set up here - http://rainbootstowellies.blogspot.com.

(If you're like my dad, who needed an explanation for my blog title, I was inspired by all the differences between UK and North American English - I'm going to have to get used to calling my rainboots wellies, and referring to paper towels as kitchen roll! Weird! :)



  1. This was a great blog! I tried to stay updated every chance I got. Can't wait to read about your impressions of jolly old England!

  2. Thank you Nate!! You continue to be one of my top inspirations for blogging; your hilarious, wonderful blog started the whole Mytishi adventure for me! :)

  3. you'll definitely miss that great country,I do a lot.

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