Sunday, December 26, 2010


Doesn't this picture look cool? I discovered this "1960s"
tool online that makes your photos look old-timey and vintage!

When I worked at L.A. Frank's this past summer (seriously, go to Cambridge, find this place down by the river, and order something - anything - off the's awesome!), we used shorthand for writing down orders on our notepads. For example, dog FO meant a hot dog with fried onions, m smoky ff meant medium french fries with smoky hickory sauce and cheese, etc.

When it came to ice cream flavours, CCCD meant one thing - chocolate chip cookie dough. Drool.

So, what, you may ask, does CCCDD stand for? That extra D, dear readers, is for dip. The drooling should now turn to salivating. Because CCCDD is that good!

I found the recipe on my new favourite website and knew that I had finally found something to use the chocolate chips my mum sent me in the mail on. Being as how this is Russia, the recipe required some ingenuity in terms of ingredients, but hey, necessity is the mother of invention, right?

Instead of brown sugar, I used granulated cane sugar; in lieu of powdered sugar, I blended flour and white sugar together in Iain and Rhea's broken blender; and I substituted some kind of soft cheese mixture for cream cheese. You'd think that Russians, with their love of all things dairy, would have some Philly available, but sadly this is not so. So random cheese it was.

Going for a festive look here

But luckily, everything turned out okay and the dip was a success. I paired it with apple slices, but if strawberries wouldn't have cost me my first unborn child, I would have added those as well. And if it wasn't a dessert I was sharing with a group, I might consider ditching the fruit and just digging in with a spoon :)


  1. I used to find cream cheese at the перекресток on щербакова sometimes. It was by the butter.

  2. In all of mine humble born days never had I descried until this very juncture such an eldritch stand-for CCCDD in fact I could've never even fathomed that there could be such an abbreviation even if I'd tried real-hard